Triennial of Textile Liptovský Mikuláš 2009

The Club of Textile Artists ARTTEX has from the reason of enlargement and establishing of new contacts, decided to prepare a project Triennial of Textile, which will be held regularly each three years as an exhibition of contemporary textile work of arts and a workshop of the textile technique arttex. The project is dedicated to professional artists, designers, fashion designers and to students of secondary and university artistic schools. The intent of the project is to support the interest on textile creative art and at the same time to motivate artists to innovative and experimental approach in this area of visual art. Through the Triennial we would like to open a dialogue between artists working with various textile techniques, stimulate the interest on the production in this area of visual art and also at artists, which didn't worked yet in this area (these artists could be the bearer of new approaches) and between students and educationists from various countries and various educational processes. The intent of the exhibition is to show the textile production in new dimensions, not only of the classical hanging textile pictures but also in other possibilities and contexts as textile statues, objects, installations, fashionable artifacts and scenographic motives. The exhibition should confront the creation of textile work of arts and at the same time to show new possibilities and approaches in this area of visual art and also on another field of inter-medial realization besides a hanging textile work of art. At the first annual of the Triennial we would like to verify and at the same time to investigate the area of visual art in the relation of textile. This annual should be a base for the development of cooperation between artists and also a possibility of a confrontation and exchange of experiences of artists from various countries at this field of visual art.